Health implications of high cholesterol levels in the body


Two main types of cholesterol naturally exist in our bodies. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) or low-density lipoproteins (LDL). HDL is a healthy cholesterol whereas LDL is the unhealthy type. Ideally, everyone has some level of cholesterol as the liver takes part in its synthesis. Cholesterol is essential as it helps in the synthesis of hormones, digestive fluids, and Vitamin D. That said, this article highlights some of the health implications linked to cholesterol.

Cardiovascular problems

Accumulation of cholesterol in the body can harm your cardiovascular system. When qasdQAAWSDwe take foods with high cholesterol, part of it finds its way into the arteries. Arteries are responsible for transporting blood to all major organs. Deposition of cholesterol has the effect of reducing the inner diameter. Consequently, this compels the heart to work hard to pump the same quantity of blood. This strain may cause you to suffer from heart-related complications and worst of it all, a heart attack.

Nervous system

Cholesterol is a major component of the human brain. It is needed in nerve development and protection. However, high amounts of cholesterol within the brain pose a health risk. High amounts of cholesterol are responsible for the rising cases of stroke since there is reduced supply of blood to the brain. Also, high cholesterol levels can result in loss of memory and other mental disorders. Another complication that arises from of high cholesterol levels within the brain is the Alzheimer’s disease, which is a result of the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques.

Digestive system

SADAsDqAwsCholesterol is beneficial to one’s digestive system as it facilitates the production of bile, which breaks down food and increases absorption of nutrients within the intestines. However, excess amounts can be detrimental to your digestive health. Excess cholesterol leads to the formation of crystal which results to formation of gallstones. Thus, you should strive to keep your manage your cholesterol levels and stay free from these digestive complications

Benefits of having regular cholesterol check-ups and healthy dietary intakes

It would be wise to have your blood sampled for cholesterol levels as part of regular check-ups to avoid the above complications. You should be proactive when it comes to matters cholesterol management. If the levels are above the set limits, do not hesitate to seek medical attention and act accordingly. Also, checking your dietary intakes in regards to cholesterol will ensure you keep healthy all time.